Trident Asbestos

Web & iOS Surveying App

The Trident Surveying project involved redesigning an internal process by incorporating mobile technology to not only reduce the time taken, but to also improve quality of asbestos reports produced.

Trident Asbestos Solutions are a leading national provider of asbestos solutions. Trident specialise in a variety of abestos solutions, including asbestos surveys, asbestos air monitoring, asbestos removal project management and asbestos awareness training.

Existing Workflow

We spent a lot of time working with Trident to analyse their existing processes and workflow. We then analysed how we could make these processes faster and produced screen mockups and walkthroughs of the new system we planned to introduce.

A lot of time was spent manually creating reports after they had been written out on paper. The paper was then taken back to the office and typed up in Microsoft Word, before being emailed to clients.

Redesigning the Process

We digitised this process by building an iPad app which allows surveyors to enter the information required when conducting a survey or producing any other type of report. The iPad app works offline, and will sync with the central server when an internet connection is available. This will automatically create the report in a structured format.

The system was introduced gradually into Trident, alongside their existing processes. Although in some cases this meant that the work carried out was duplicated in the manual system and the new system, the extra time was more than worth the additional effort as it gave us a chance to refine and revise the new processes so they were as efficient as they could possibly be.

We created a new drawing framework which would allow the surveyors to create architectural style diagrams and plans, as well as the ability to overlay drawings on top of existing PDFs and images.

Key Technologies

Swift iOS In App Purchases JavaScript Node.js Express MongoDB Angular2

The Results

The system is designed to be fully compliant with United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) standards, and it can be white labelled so Trident can sell licenses to the software to other asbestos management companies.

The system contains a web and server component with the following features:

  • User management
  • Document Creation / Management
  • Form Creation / Management
  • Role Based Access

The iOS component also has a variety of features:

  • Offline Support
  • Auto Sync
  • Diagram Drawing
  • Diagram Annotations
  • Role Based Access