iOS & Web Pool Betting App

Predictaball is a Pool Betting app available for iOS and on the web. Players predict a home win, draw or away win for 20 UK football league games, and pay a £5 entry fee. The person who predicts the most correct results wins the prize fund!

PredictABall was co founded by two friends who had a simple idea. To create an app which would allow them to compete against their friends by predicting the results of 20 UK football league matches.

The founders had no prior experience in the tech sector, but realised that their solution must be a digital one in order for it to succeed in today’s highly competitive gambling market.

The Challenge

"We knew what we wanted the app to do and how we wanted it to work, but had no idea what it should look like or how to start."

Chris Johnson, Co-founder at Predictaball

The PredictABall founders were unsure on how to start on the development process, and how best to choose a technical partner for the project, so they set about exploring their options.

Working with Us

PredictABall were introduced to Throneware by our friend Amy from Irving Creative, a Graphic and Web Design company based in Teesside. Amy had been working on PredictABall’s design and brand guidelines, and we recommended us to the founders of PredictABall.

We all arranged to meet to discuss PredictABall, and our team gave advice on the best platforms and options available to develop such a product. We recommended that they start with a native iOS app. Although there are various statistics available, it’s a generally accepted fact that iOS users spend more money than Android users. There’s also fewer device classes to test for, making it easier for us to produce a releasable MVP. In our consultation meeting we discussed routes to market, expected challenges and how marketing is just as important to the success of an app as how well the app is built.

After our initial meeting, we produced a detailed proposal which outlined how we would develop the iOS app. We included mockups and designs as well as a fixed price quotation for the development of a set of agreed upon features. PredictABall were impressed, and we started work with them straight away.

"We chose to work with Throneware because we genuinely believed that they could deliver the app we wanted to develop. Their technical background and knowledge stood out compared to the other companies we spoke to."

Craig Trees, Co-founder at Predictaball

Our Solution

After deciding that the initial platform would indeed be iOS, we started work on the project, and delivered a MVP within a few weeks. There were a few key elements missing, however. The app lacked payment provider integration. Finding a payment provider who were willing to integrate with our system was proving difficult, due to the gambling nature of the application. We worked with the PredictABall team to find an appropriate payment provider over the course of a couple of months, and participated in the various discussions to ensure that the payment provider was able to integrate with our solution on a technical level.

Atypical Agile

We quickly realised that our typical agile approach would not work for this project. For a startup we would usually strongly recommend the development of a MVP before a public release. Unfortunately because of the extended period of time taken to acquire a gambling license, this approach was unviable. We use this as an opportunity to run an extensive open beta of the platform. We made the beta available to as many people as possible, as early as possible, in order to gain as much user feedback as we could.

The PredictABall team really loved the app we built, but before the product launched they decided that an accompanying website was also necessary, which contained the same functionality as the app. The website was to be responsive so that Android users could play too.

We built the website in parallel with putting the final touches to the app. Due to the generic way we built the server API for PredictABall, it was just a case of plugging a web UI into the existing server and it’s associated services, meaning the development time was a lot shorter than it would have been to build the website from scratch.

Key Technologies

Swift Cocoapods Apple Pay Push Notifications Node.js MongoDB Express Angular 2 HTML5 TypeScript Sass

Ready to Launch

PredictABall will be launching soon. We have undergone an extensive beta testing programme with PredictABall on both the website and app. PredictABall are waiting for final approval from the gambling commission and will be launching the app and website very soon! We are very proud of the final result and are looking forward to supporting the PredictABall team with support and development of their project in the future!

"The team at Throneware took our simple idea and turned it into a complicated product. We were guided the whole way by the team and really benefited from their professional advice. From our first meeting to the launch of our product, we could not fault the service we received and we are incredibly happy with the resulting app and website."

Chris Johnson, Co-founder at Predictaball