Practice QTS

iOS & Android Training App

The Practice QTS iOS and Android apps allow trainee teachers to hone their skills and improve their technique when they are preparing to sit the QTS exam.

The Practice QTS app was founded by two recently qualified teachers. They had both recently completed the QTS exam, and were frustrated at the lack of quality resources available when revising.

Existing Solutions

All existing revision material was only available in a physical copy. Revision books were available, but were expensive and difficult to carry around due to their large size. Realising these problems, the founders believed that they could solve both issues by putting revision materials in a digital format, so the content could be available for students to carry with them on their phone or their tablet.

Product Options

The founders identified examined several different options to digitise their content, including:

  • Creating content as PDFs and selling the PDFs online.
  • Creating a responsive website and allowing people to purchase content online.
  • Creating a mobile app with in app purchases.

PDFs could be easily shared with friends and published online. A responsive website wouldn’t allow students to access the content when offline. Revising on the underground and on public transport was a key challenge faced by the founders, so they knew how important offline access was.

An app therefore seemed like the perfect option. Restricting the sharing of content in the app would be very difficult for users, in-app purchases could be used to generate revenue, and the app could easily work offline and not require an internet connection. This was therefore the best option available for the Practice QTS team, so they set about finding a developer. The QTS team liked our work on a similar app we had developed, so chose to work with us on their project.

"We had seen the work Throneware had done on the Practice UKCAT exam app, and we were very impressed. We wanted an app with similar features and we were impressed with every aspect of their proposal."

Thomas Dibden, Co-founder - Practice QTS

The Process

The first stage of the development process was to conduct an in-depth analysis of how the QTS exam worked. We worked to build a set of designs for the screens that matched the real exam as closely as possible, while still maintaining the fundamental principles of mobile UX. Once we knew exactly what the app should do and how it should do it, we explored and discussed a variety of monetisation options, including paid subscriptions, in app purchases, with the QTS team. Together we chose to give away the app for free, and include one free test. This would allow users to download the app and see how high quality the material was, which would encourage them to buy more content for a fixed price.

After a short, iterative development cycle, the app was released. We continued to support the QTS team by offering advice on the best ways market the app and how to generate user installations and ultimately purchases.

Key Technologies

Swift iOS In App Purchases JavaScript Node.js Express MongoDB Java Android In App Billing

The Apps

The iOS version has had more than 40,000 downloads to date and currently has over 5,000 active users every month. It is constantly being updated to introduce improvements, as well as in response to changes to the QTS examination itself. The Android version is in development now and will be released very soon, with the exact same features as the iOS version.

The app includes fine-grained analytics tracking metrics, which are reported in real time. The team are able to track screens, events, transitions, timing and exceptions. The implementation of this is thread-safe and all network and disk activity takes place in the background. The user of the application is never interrupted. All of this is controlled and monitored by the team with a powerful, user-friendly dashboard. They are able to monitor app usage, push campaigns and custom analytics. The dashboard also allows the team to overlay graphs, filter by date and more to gain insight into the effectiveness of their app. The design team at Throneware also produced the branding and graphics required to launch the product.

This information can be used when defining features for future development cycles. The usage statistics enable the team to see which features are being used the most and these features can be the focus of future improvements. Similarly, any device specific crashes can be identified and fixed within hours, which has led to a highly stable application. The analytics reports show that the latest version is 100% crash free.

What The Users Say

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Really worth it! You have a free pack but then have to pay for the additional packs. I passed my numeracy with the help of these tests :)

- XzzrX, Jul 07, 2015
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This app has been really useful for practicing the dreaded QTS skills test! It has helped me revise my spelling and grammatical skills.

Jim Hindess, May 19, 2014
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Really intuitive to use and extremely useful. Would thoroughly recommend this brilliant app!

Linds86!, May 19, 2014
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

It is an excellent app. It has helped with my revision a lot :D.

Flo_292, Nov 16, 2015
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Brilliant little app with a smart design, pity there are not any more tests! But very helpful in preparation.

Brian Serridge, Jun 05, 2014
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Only app that offers help and practice for QTS, better than anything on the internet, similar to real exam.

Hbursfhdswt, Feb 06, 2015

"Throneware are professional, reliable and they built us an app of the highest quality. The development process was great and we really valued the guidance on which paths would be best to take."

Thomas Dibden, Co-founder - Practice QTS