Launch Programme
by Throneware
From app idea to reality in 5 days

Raising funds to create an app can be difficult. Our Launch Programme service takes you from app idea to a functional prototype in just 5 days, helping you to prove the concept and attract investment to further develop your idea. There is a heavily discounted, fixed cost for the week and you'll receive a dedicated developer who will work on your project and offer expert advice on how to progress your idea.

Programme Stages

1. Mission Definition

Before we start development, we spend time creating mockups and designs for what the prototype will look like. We will work together on user interface flow diagrams so we know exactly how the app will work and what it will look like.

2. Fueling & Preparation

We spend the remainder of the week working on your app. We send you updates and constantly ask for feedback. You can work from our office for the week and sit alongside your assigned developer to enhance the process.

3. Ignition & Lift Off!

At the end of the week your app is ready to go! We will send you a functional version of your app that you can install directly on your phone. We will also send you the source code, and there are no long term commitments.

4. Exploration

Armed with the app, you can attract further investment and interest. By sharing it and showing it to people, you will receive invaluable advice about the concepts and features in your app. We can also provide you with an estimate to complete the project.

The Launch Programme Offer

Pay a 50% deposit to secure your place, then 50% at the end of the week when the programme ends and your prototype is ready.

What's Included?

A UX-led planning session to identify your MVP.

A dedicated developer to work on your product for the week.

Continued expert advice on how to develop your product.

A functional version of your app to show users and investors.

Why the Launch Programme?

Selecting a developer to work with is one of the most difficult decisions you will face as a start up. That's why we created the Launch Programme service. Work with us for a week, and there's no obligation to go any further! There are no large deposits or commitments required.


Is the programme available for iOS or Android?

Either! We will assign either an iOS or Android developer to your project for the week. Not sure what platform you want to develop for? We can offer advice and guidance on the best platform for the MVP of your product.

Will you work for me in exchange for equity?

At this stage, unfortunately not. Once you've completed the startup programme and have a working prototype, we'd be happy to discuss options for funding and a reduced rate in exchange for an equity share for your app.

Do I have to be a startup company?

No, anyone individual or company is eligible for the Launch Programme, as long as you have an idea for a new mobile app!

What costs aren't included?

The programme doesn't include any server setup or hosting costs. If you think your app may need a server component to operate, please ask us about the most cost effective options.

Can I be part of the Launch Programme more than once?

A company or individual can only take part in the Launch Programme once. The rate we charge for the service is heavily discounted, hence why we have limited availabiltiy and you can only take part once.

Can I release my app in the app store?

If you think your app is ready to be released at the end of the week, then yes! We can help you to release it so it becomes available in the app store. To publish it in your own name, you'll need an Apple Developer or Google Play Store account.

Who owns the IP at the end of the week?

We will retain the IP to the code we have created at the end of the week, but we will license it exclusively to you. This is negotiable, so please contact us if you have any questions.

What if my idea isn't achievable in one week?

Some ideas simply won't be achieveable in a week, even if they are stripped back to an MVP. You can still use the Launch Programme to fund the first week of development, or to create a UI prototype.

Join the Launch Programme!

The next Launch Programme starts at the beginning of and availabiltiy is limited. We typically run the programme once a month, but this does vary from time to time. If you're interested in applying then contact us using the form below and we can tell you more about the programme and answer any questions you may have.

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