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We take your amazing app idea and turn it into reality!

How do we do this? We start by better defining your app through workshops and prototyping. You then benefit from our quality focused, tried and tested development approach, as well as our extensive technical expertise. Our project team can then help you to develop your business, not just your app, while our development team works on your app using the best development platforms for your app's audience.

Getting Started

There's no better way to shape your app than putting a version of it in your users' hands. Through a combination of rapid prototyping and the development of minimum viable products, we get to the bottom of what your users want, not what you think your users want, as quickly as possible. We use the following tried and tested process to define the features of your app.

User Priority #1: To improve soft skills through controlled communication.
User Priority #2: To track progress and see a noticeable difference.
  1. Initial Consultation
    We will meet with you and your stakeholders to discuss your app idea and give you a rough idea of cost. If you'd like to arrange an initial consultation, please contact us today.
  2. User Workshops
    In our user workshops we gather a cross section of stakeholders and target users, in order to validate your proposed features and functionality.
  3. Specification Development
    If you don't already have formal technical and functional specifications for your app, we can work with you to create them. We will run user led, user focused sessions to obtain your requirements and involve all stakeholders in the process.
  4. Proposal Presentation
    We will present a proposal to you, based around a minimum viable product. The proposal will outline our approach, technology choices and a quotation for the work.
User Priority #3: To be a safe and secure place to chat.
User Priority #4: To be part of a larger community of like-minded people.
User Priority #1: To improve soft skills through controlled communication.
User Priority #2: To track progress and see a noticeable difference.
User Priority #3: To be a safe and secure place to chat.
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Our Approach

Our user led approach focuses on removing risk from the onset. We achieve this through fast, early, frequent releases and throughout our development process we fully integrate you and your stakeholders into our team. We start every project by defining a list of prioritised features, before starting our Develop, Review, Repeat cycle.


We split our development process up into two week periods of time called sprints. In each sprint, the focus of development is on the top priority features in the list.


At the end of each sprint we aim to have something releasable. We also gather with the project stakeholders to review our progress. We analyse what went well, what we could do better in future, and redefine the priority of each item in the list of features.


Once we have completed the review stage we start developing again. This process repeats until your app is released, but will continue indefinitely as you refine and update your product based on feedback from your users.

Technical Expertise

Once we have decided what your app should do and how it should work, it is the job of our technical team to turn the concept into reality. We take an individual, bespoke and tailored approach to the architecture of your app. No two projects are the same, and our agnostic approach to architecture means we use the frameworks and tools best suited to your project.


User Interface Testing runs your app as if a user was interacting with it and Unit Testing runs specific sections of code. Both make assertions to guarantee the quality of the project.


Humans make mistakes. Our automated systems don't. Tests, builds and releases are all managed in code using our tried and tested techniques, giving you complete peace of mind.

Continuous Integration

Whenever one of our developers makes a change to your code, the entire project is automatically rebuilt and tested by our automated systems.

Continuous Delivery

We aim to have a releasable version of your app as often as possible, reducing the amount of time it takes for new features and improvements to reach your users.

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We Develop Your Business, Not Just Your App

Your app can be beautifully designed, full of features and solve huge problems, but if you don't have a business strategy surrounding it, your startup will undoubtedly fail. We know the key ingredients required to launch a successful app and our business development services can help your app to grow and thrive in the competitive app market.


Even when your app is in beta, analytics and information about how people are using your app is invaluable in shaping the future development. We can recommend and deploy the best tools required to make this possible.

User Acquisition

There are currently over 1.5 million apps in app stores. To get your app into the top 25 you’ll need to acquire 38,000 new users every day. Our team can help you to craft a personalised user acquisition strategy for your app.


Number of users is not the only important metric. How long they stay in the app and how often they use it are also vital statistics. We can suggest strategies and techniques to maximise these values.


Monetisation strategies for apps include Free, Paid, Freemium, Ad Supported and Subscription Based. Selecting the right model depends on many factors and our experienced team can help you select the right one prior to launch.

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iOS Development

Apple's iOS platform is the most popular platform on which to launch a new mobile app. Our team develop iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS apps every day. Ever since it's first release, Swift has been our chosen development language. Our team also have many years experience of working with Objective-C code.

Android Development

Android is the most popular mobile platform in the world. Our experienced developers have created apps for Android phones, tablets, wear, TV and auto. We build our Android apps natively in Java and we are incredibly familiar with the frameworks and libraries necessary to build Android apps.

Web Development

Whether you require a fully functional web application that can operate through any web browser, an admin system where you can manage the data produced by your app, or a simple promotional webpage, our development team can help. Our team works with industry standard tools and techniques, while always focusing on performance and usability.

Server Development

If your app features any kind of online interactivity, you will need a server to store data and manage requests between you and your users. Our team create scalable servers with high availability rates, which means they can cope with sudden increases in demand. We typically recommend running servers on Amazon Web Services, but this is decided on a per project basis.