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Delivering Successful Web Applications

The web application team at Throneware have a great amount of experience working across sectors on a variety of different web applications. Whether it is the creation of a new social network, replacing a legacy data input system with the latest technologies, or creating a bespoke recruitment platform, this experience enables us to provide our clients with expert advice and ultimately, a quality implementation.

We help organisations radically improve their websites and create exciting new digital products. Our web applications allow your clients to interact with you in new and engaging ways. We build responsive web applications to meet your business requirements and our experience across various sectors allows us to provide anything from online retail solutions to a simple web presence.

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Safe-Line Marine After Sales Ltd. website displayed in a MacBook Air Frame.

The team at Throneware are great. They are quick to understand requirements and are able to implement new designs and new functionality easily. Their communication skills are second to none and we would highly recommend them to anyone!

Sharon Hope, Safe-Line Marine After Sales Ltd.

Truly Responsive Design

Works for any user on any device

The notion of a separate site for mobile users is quickly becoming outdated, not least because the result is two distinct applications that you have to maintain and support in future. A responsive website will adapt the display of it's content to the size of the user's device. Responsive web design allows you to your target your audience on any possible screen. If you have an existing web application that is not yet responsive, our web team can conduct a design or in-depth code, review.

Minchella & Co price calculator displayed in a iPad Frame Minchella & Co parlour map displayed in a iPad Frame

Why Responsive Matters

Global mobile device usage continues to increase

Integrated Platform Development

Creating the Full Stack for Your Application

If you are building an application from scratch, you will often need a server side component to support your application and provide it with the required back end services. Our platform development team is tightly integrated with both our mobile and web development teams and can create and set up server code to provide your application with the online services that it needs.

The complete extent of our platform service is detailed on our platform development page and includes information on how our teams establish server code as well as the various features this often contains, including push notifications, security, social integration, user authentication and more.

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