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At Throneware, we can create a powerful core for your application, building a robust back end service with push notifications, social integration, analytics and security. Every aspect of the cloud platforms we establish, from data storage to hosting, is built and designed with scalability in mind.

Whether you are developing a mobile, web or desktop application, your platform will need somewhere to store it's data and manage the relationships between your entities. If your enterprise has an existing platform that you wish to develop an application on top of, we can work closely with your developers to integrate a new application into existing APIs and services. If you do not have an existing platform on which to base an application, our back end developers can establish one for you. Whether this is developing an API on top of your existing data sets, or creating the full stack from scratch.


We Keep Your App and Users' Data Secure

We take security very seriously. When creating a platform, typically all data will be transferred over a secure SSL connection. Database access and validation is controlled at a granular level using flexible security rules. All data security logic will also be centralised, making it easy to update and verify.

If your app is compromised, it's not only you who suffers, but potentially the users of your app as well. Before we release your app to the public, we will use our security knowledge, combined with penetration testing, in order to safeguard your app's data. We can recommend sensible defaults and precautions to take before releasing your app into the wild.


Weathering the Storm of Success

We build services designed and built for massive scale. Every aspect of our platform development, from Data to Social Integration and Back-end Code to Hosting, is always designed with scalability in mind.

When your app is a breakout hit, you don't have to worry about extra costs for scaling your server code or provisioning extra capacity. Our platforms will handle that automatically for you. Behind the scenes, we use tried and tested servers that will manage millions of concurrent connections and billions of operations per month.

Push Notifications

Provide Users with Real-Time Information

When used correctly, push notifications can help to dramatically increase user engagement rates with applications and products. Push notifications are a tricky endeavour for iOS android and Windows. We can simplify the process and enable powerful user targeting. We can set up push platforms that are built for massive scale and are ready to handle notifications for your app, no matter the size.

Our platform developers will ensure your platform has a powerful infrastructure, capable of sending out notifications to millions of devices across the world and our back end tools will allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your push campaigns with powerful and easy-to-use analytics tools. View open rates for your entire push strategy or measure individual push notification open rates.

Social Integration

Let Your Users Spread The Word

We can provide services that connect your users to third party social networks with just a few simple steps. Our services take care of linking accounts across networks, resetting passwords and keeping everything safe and secure so you don’t have to.

We have previously built functionality for authenticating users with standard email & password login, as well as Facebook, Twitter, GitHub and Google authentication methods. We can help you to allow your users to immediately publish their activities to multiple social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, giving you free publicity and helping you to spread the word about your app.


Gain Insight and Continuously Improve

Our analytics solutions allow you to measure active users, installations, retention data and more growth analytics statistics. This allows you to understand exactly how your new launches are received by users and how many of them come back for more. View all of your app usage, push campaigns and custom analytics in one of our user-friendly dashboards. The dashboards allow you to overlay graphs, filter by date and more, to gain insight into the effectiveness of your app and it's latest updates. We can work with you and your requirements and combined with this vital feedback, fine tune your app by releasing frequent, relevant updates.

Our analytics dashboards also allow you to view interesting statistics such as app open rates and API request data. You can see real-time analytics on API requests based on REST verbs, device type and the type of item on your server that is being accessed. You can also gain visibility into why your app may be crashing, complete with stack traces and metadata to help us fix bugs and create a more stable platform for your users.

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