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QR Code Submitter

QR Code Submitter is the quickest and easiest way to scan and submit QR Codes into HTML Forms. Simply scan a QR code and let QR Code Submitter do the rest!

The wizard will let you select a HTML page, as well as the field you want the QR Code to be entered into. You can even select a button that will be automatically clicked immediately after the QR code has been entered into the field.


  • Quickly scan QR codes with a high performance QR Code reader.
  • Specify the field to be automatically filled with the QR code value.
  • Optionally specify a button to be clicked once the QR code has been entered into the field.
  • Simple to use with an audible notification when a QR code successfully scans.
  • Easy set up with a simple wizard that lets you simply select fields and buttons.
  • Advanced users can write their own JavaScript selectors to select fields and buttons..
  • Compatible with all iOS devices with a camera. Use the app on anything from an iPhone 4s to an iPad Pro.
  • Already a user of the application? View the FAQ.

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