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Spelling Slam is an Educational Game for the iOS and tvOS platforms. The project was fully managed and delivered by Throneware, including the UX and Graphic Design work. The game places the player on a basketball court and they must shoot toward the net with the correct spelling above it in order to score points. The users can unlock new characters and improve existing ones by spending points that they have worked to collect!

Spelling Slam Character 1
Spelling Slam Character 2
Spelling Slam Character 3

The Spelling Slam team wanted an app that was fun to use for children, but also taught spelling skills as was as being useful to teachers too. We ran several UX workshops with representative samples of the target market, ranging from children to the teachers who would be instructing them on how to use the app. The result was Spelling Slam! An interactive, fun basketball based game which rewards children for identifying the correct spellings of words.

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Available for tvOS

Spelling Slam Logo Displayed on the Apple TV

After the successful launch on the iOS Platform, Spelling Slam was also made available for tvOS and was one of the very first education based games on the Apple TV Store. The new platform has been a huge success for the client and they are looking to expand their range of education games available on tvOS very soon!

Excellent turn-around, on-time delivery and exceptional quality. This was our first attempt at creating any type of mobile application and Throneware proved our decision right. I am overwhelmed with the great response and support I got from their end. Thank you Throneware!

Andrew Stanton, Spelling Slam

Short, Iterative Development Cycle

The app runs on Apple's GameKit and SceneKit technologies and is constantly being updated based on user feedback. A minimum viable product was produced to prove the market for the game first. There has been a lot of interest in the app from Educational Institutions all over the world and work will be starting on a localized version for various languages and countries in the near future.

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