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Safe-Line required a new website to replace their existing site, which was static, not responsive and too slow to load, even on desktop computers with fast connections. They also required analytics to give them an insight into who was using their website and into which countries they should be targeting their marketing campaigns to.

Like in all of our projects, we started with research and analysis. We looked at Safe-Line's competitors, at where they wanted to be positioned in the market and looked at the clients they wanted to attract. We gathered together the information and our design team came up with a new design for the website for them to approve.

Safe-Line Marine After Sales Ltd. website displayed in a MacBook Air Frame.

The new website was developed as a fully responsive, content managed platform. The content management system allowed Safe-Line to update and add content to their website at any time without intervention from Throneware. We also built a client area, which was a secure section of the website where clients could log in and access important information about their accounts with Safe-Line. This was developed using HTTPS and SSL certificates to ensure that the connection was safe from intruders.

The team at Throneware are great. They are quick to understand requirements and are able to implement new designs and new functionality easily. Their communication skills are second to none and we would highly recommend them to anyone!

Sharon Hope, Safe-Line Marine After Sales Ltd.

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