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Practice QTS is iPhone and iPad Exam Preparation app which helps students to hone their skills and improve their technique for the Qualified Teacher Status exam. It was developed by Throneware for two teachers, who had recently passed the QTS exam, but found the lack of preparation resources frustrating. After a short, iterative development cycle, the app was released. It has had more than 25,000 downloads to date and currently has over 5,000 active users every month. It is constantly being updated to introduce improvements, as well as in response to changes to the QTS examination itself.

The team have received some amazing feedback from users, such as "This app is FANTASTIC", "My speed in the mental arithmetic section improved tenfold after using this app to simulate the real tests" and "You can have 100% confidence that this app will get you to the required standard to pass the QTS exam!". Users have given the app an average 5 star rating and the team are very proud that usage and engagement rates continue to grow.

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Throneware are professional, reliable and they delivered the project a week earlier than we expected! The development process was great and we really valued the guidance on which paths would be best to take.

Thomas Dibden, Practice QTS

The app includes fine-grained analytics tracking metrics, which are reported in real time. The team are able to track screens, events, transitions, timing and exceptions. The implementation of this is thread-safe and all network and disk activity takes place in the background. The user of the application is never interrupted. All of this is controlled and monitored by the team with a powerful, user-friendly dashboard. They are able to monitor app usage, push campaigns and custom analytics. The dashboard also allows the team to overlay graphs, filter by date and more to gain insight into the effectiveness of their app.

The Practice QTS team made it clear that the main reason they wanted to collect such detailed and varied analytical information was so that they were able to feed this information back into future development cycles. The usage statistics enable the team to see which features are being used the most and these features can be the focus of future improvements. Similarly, any device specific crashes can be identified and fixed within hours, which has led to a highly stable application. The analytics reports show that the latest version is 100% crash free.

We also developed a fully responsive brochure website to help market the app, which features custom analytics tracking, responsive images and an intuitive contact form that lets users send feedback on the application and to suggest improvements. The design team at Throneware also produced the branding and graphics required to launch the product.

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